Friday, April 9, 2010

Everything's Connected

Really, everything is. I'm connected to my life at UNT.. and here I am in Frisco! I'm in a meeting with some old friends.
This is the Convergence Technology Center (CTC). You've heard vague references to them in the past, and for good reason. They're the reason I am where I am, and I'm doing what I'm doing. They're who got me on my college feet, and sent me off into the world. The world is UNT, I guess!

The CTC is based out of Collin College (CCCC) in Collin County. Some of you may know it as a two year community college. That would make sense, because that's what it is. But it's also the place I worked for 2 years, went to school for 2 years, and learned a million things (in 2 years).

Once I was set in my ways of computer networking, voice over IP, Cisco/Juniper/Nortel networking, operating systems basics, and public speaking, they sent me off to UNT. Or rather, I chose UNT as the next best step - as it is! My degree in particular - the Bachelor's in Information Technology, melds very comfortably with the work I did at the CTC. It is fantastic that UNT accepted so many of my credit hours that otherwise overlap so many other lower level courses. All other schools I looked at told me I'd have to drop all my Convergence credit hours, and restart my degree at their school. Instead, at UNT, I transferred 18 hours of my Convergence credit hours, plus all the other core classes that I had taken at Collin. Now I'm an academic Junior, and am well on my way to my bachelor's degree!

Anyway, what I'm doing in Frisco now is listening to a National Visiting Committee meeting, as they listen to and critique the CTC on their activities, degree programs, alumni (that's me!) and current or future students. The CTC constantly has focus groups and meetings with businesses and National Science Foundation representatives to help direct them and ensure that the students they are teaching get the most out of their education. I am here to share with the NVC my story, and how great Collin, the CTC, and UNT are!