Thursday, April 28, 2011

UNT Grand Chorus and Symphony Orchestra

Yesterday I went and saw UNT's Grand Chorus and Symphony Orchestra perform at the Winspear Performance Hall. This particular concert hall is inside the Murchison Performing Arts Center - although when I refer to it to my friends, I call it the "Armadillo Building". I wonder if the architects appreciate me calling it that.

I'm not supposed to take pictures during the event, but then how would I blog about it? Besides, this was during an intermission and they were tuning their instruments ;)

It was pretty interesting. I love orchestral pieces. However, I found out I'm not too big on opera or grand chorus performances. I'm biased, though, because when I was in middle school, I played violin for 3 years. I'm going to have to add Violin to my list of things to buy, right there next to HD projector, pet dog, and new house. Yeah it'll be a while I suppose.

Anyway, you always hear that UNT is a big music school? Well look at their performances page. There's got to be 30-40 performances going on just this week! Somehow I've gone my entire UNT undergrad career without making friends with a music major. I know RTVF, Kinesiology, Language, and of course Engineering majors, but no music. At least not that I remember. Please if you're a music major and you're my friend, don't kill me for forgetting you!!