Friday, March 26, 2010

Geeks of The Future

I'd like to ask, who invented 3D goggles? Or 3D in general. I know we started off with those neat blue and red glasses that were just pieces of plastic taped over a cardboard cutout that we could put on and pretend everything was in 3D. Let's be real with ourselves though: those things didn't work worth diddly. In addition, we looked like goof balls wearing them.

Sweet, Rad Racer 3D on the NES!
Fast forward two and a half decades and we have 3D TVs coming into homes! And this time they actually give a satisfying 3D effect. One thing is still troubling me though. And it's obvious that this was a bunch of nerds designing these because... well just take a look:

Here's a picture of me with my usual shades. I'm so stylin

3D Glasses^^

See the problem? Watching 3D TV isn't something you can do and cook dinner, or something you can have on in the background while hanging out with people or throwing a party. It's an experience you must set everything else aside for to enjoy. Even watching movies with your significant other may take a way more exciting shift as you look at each other wearing these glasses, and see who can pull off the best Zing on the other! Seriously I look like an Android or something wearing those.

I'm not sure why they're so clunky, large, and just overall unappealing. Today's engineers are on the right track, for sure, but there is something lacking. Something that a strictly engineering major may not be able to catch or care about in the first place. Thankfully, UNT has a healthy balance of Engineers, Radio/TV/Film, and Art majors to balance out this act. Had 3D glasses been born at UNT, I'm sure there would have been a fantastic compromise, and we'd have something more akin to the Star Trek glasses from the movies. Now those are something I could wear around the house.