Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Green Government

UNT ain't such a mean place, despite what everybody says about us. You know, Mean Green? In fact, I take the Mean Green bus route to class every morning. I've never been threatened or hurt on the bus, for that matter. I think it's kind of nice being green. And no matter what Kermit tells you, it really isn't that hard being green.

Why the Green talk? University of North Texas students are voting on a proposed tuition fee of an extra $5 that has been dubbed the "Green Fee" to "support environmental improvements and sustainability efforts on campus. Ideas could include a student-run sustainable garden or additional trees, solar panels on buildings, a composting center or improved recycling equipment." (Source).

The vote will take place from April 19 - 23. If you are a current UNT Student, go to the Student Government Association site that week to vote.

Speaking of the SGA site, there are referendums and senator elections going on right now! This week, vote for your major's representatives and for who should be the president/vice president of the SGA!

As for the school of Engineering, there is only one student running for a seat - Jasmine Breedlove! I guess she wins since no one else decided to run against her. Represent us well Jasmine! To be honest, I didn't know anything about the SGA until last week. So now I'm passing on the word to you.