Monday, March 1, 2010


As part of going to college, you get to learn how to deal with all sorts of situations you never thought you would have had to. Deciding whether sleep or homework is more important, saying bye to friends at 1 in the morning as opposed to 4 in the morning, and dealing with washed ipods

Yes indeed, I washed my ipod in the pocket of one of my pants. As by a miracle of some sort of supreme being, or corporation which makes decent (lol) hardware, the device is still fully functional... well... with the exception of one significant caveat - the Wifi doesn't work... That's the #2 thing I liked about the ipod. The #1 must be the music browsing/playing software on it. I like just searching for the song I want to hear instead of sifting through long lists of MP3s and artists. I wish the Android had something akin to this.

So what's the first thing I do with broken Apple equipment? Take it to the Apple Store! Granted I hate the Apple store. I have fun whenever I'm in there, for sure, but most of the time it's cracking jokes about their store. For example, here's a picture of the Apple Store's wall of software:

An entire wall just for software for your Mac. I didn't know they could fill up an entire wall!! hahahahahaha

*wipes tear* ah that was a good one. Get it? Macs don't have that much software so to fill up an entire wall of Mac OSX software is so surp-....

ah ehm well.. I think you get it.

No but seriously we went there and spoke to a sales associate about my ipod. He said he wasn't sure what he could do for me, and that I had to speak with a tech support guy Genius rep to figure out what was wrong with it. Why do they call themselves Geniuses? To me it shouts many things, but for the sake of this blog, I'll go ahead and just say that that's what people perceive techies and engineers to be. Between the Geek Squad and the Genius Bar, nerds are the go-to people for anything you're not sure of. Another reason I'm confident in my decision to study in engineering and IT!!