Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mean Green Lacrosse

We play other sports besides football? Oh yes , indeed. And I'm pretty sure every sport has its male and female counterparts, including Lacrosse!
It was a beautiful day, for sure, and we were at UNT's Eagle Point Intramural Rec Sports Fields. In the background of that picture, you can see my favorite spot: The Waranch Tennis Complex!

So how did we do? Mean Green played against SMU and Texas Tech. Southern Methodist University won their match 9-16 (I believe), and Texas Tech pulled a last minute come back to win their round at 9-10. Close games indeed. UNT's women's Lacrosse performed very well, and improved their game compared to last season exponentially. Mean Green's team captain is quoted in saying, "It was disappointing to have lost the game in the last few minutes of the half, but a great game nonetheless. I'm proud of my team. We've performed so well this season." Hats off to Mean Green Lacrosse - I'm pretty sure any of them could beat me in an arm wrestle. Then again, I'm left handed, so I'm pretty sure my lefty could beat anybody else's ;)