Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ice Day Consequences

In the short run of things, ice days are great. They allow you to put off that assignment til' tomorrow, sleep in, and have snow ball fights. I mean, everyone loves snow right? And this is Texas, we never get snow. Want to know what happens when we do get snow?
Here's us at the back of the walmart parking lot. Fellow UNT Engineering blogger Jordan also shared her experience with the apocalyptic snow storm as she had a dickens of a time simply filling a prescription. It just so happens I was there for medicine too for quite the case of cabin fever (and a nasty cold).

In the long run, ice days stink. We missed 6 days of class because of it. I live in Texas for the 110 degree days, not the 10 degree days. We will receive no make up days, and I missed a Physics lab because of it. Not to mention I almost got steam rolled by an 18 wheeler that was barreling down a frozen over highway too fast.

On a positive note, it was so refreshing to see other people hating on the cold. I saw plenty of people falling on their arses, and people actually shivered. You know how annoying it was being the only one shivering in New York? I'm surrounded by a bunch of eskimos up there. Here, I'm with my own kind...