Monday, January 31, 2011

Eagle Alerts

Quick! A Volcano just erupted outside of UNT and the lava and ash are overcoming the school campus within the hour!! Oh no! But I also have an exam in MATH in 45 minutes what do I do!??


What's this?

Why, it's a message from our friends. Eagle Alert is a campus wide alert system that the school uses in order to communicate with students in the event of an emergency. As seen in the screen shot above, classes are canceled tomorrow here at UNT because of inclement weather!! Now that Volcano threatening my ability to take my exam effectively and on time is no longer an issue, since all my classes for today are canceled and I can run for my life!!

Actually for real, it's raining right now and only getting colder. Forecast for tomorrow is snow! It was just 70 degrees on Saturday, and now it's freezing. Thank you, Texas weather, for being so unpredictable.