Monday, February 15, 2010

Ready, Set...

With the Olympics under way at full steam, I can't help but draw parallels between athletes who have dedicated their whole lives to becoming the best of the best, fastest of the fastest, skilliest of the skilled, and me... Wait skilliest of the skilled?

Actually, Olympians and myself don't have a lot in common, I'll admit. But there is no one that can time when that bus in parking lot #19 will make its stop outside my dorm as well as I can.

8:37 AM: McCormick dries off after a shower and readies for Econ 1100 - a 9 AM class at the other side of campus.

8:40 AM: admire self in mirror

8:42 AM: glance out window to ensure bus arrival is not immanent

8:43 AM: McCormick spots the Mean Green Express making its stop, 120 meters south of his position, in the Fouts Field Parking Lot #20. The Starting whistle sounds!

8:44 AM: T-minus 3 minutes and twenty seconds until dust off of Mean Green Express from SFT stop out of parking lot #19. McCormick stumbles as he slaps on deodorant and socks. Can he really make it to the bus stop in time??

8:45 AM: McCormick's heart beat is racing, the pressure is on. He can't find his belt! T-minus 2 minutes 11 seconds until dustoff.

8:46 AM: The final pat down; McCormick checks for Wallet, Keys, Phone, iPod, and Glasses, as he grabs his messenger bag (man purse?) and runs (walks briskly?). From the third floor, the elevator isn't a viable option (I actually never use the elevator. Save a tree! Use Stairs!!). Take the stairs quick! T-minus 1 minute 8 seconds til dustoff

8:47 AM: Slow from brisk walk to calm stroll, as the front doors to his housing bursts open, McCormick in full stride. The sound of a roaring bus engine sounds in the distance

Approach bus stop calmly, casually glancing at the phone to find out how cold it is, and how I really should have slapped on another layer of clothing... -1 degrees Celsius??

Observe jealous onlookers, as they realize they have a long way to go until they can perfect approaching the bus stop, every day, on time, right before the bus leaves, thus avoiding the wait in the 30 degree weather.

Zero Hour: Bus departs, arrive in class 9:00 AM. Pen in hand, spiral in... desk. I'm ready to start the day.

A gold medal to you, McCormick, for perfect timing of the Mean Green Express.

Seriously, I love the bus system. My roommate refuses to use it, and it confuses me to this day still why he won't use it. When I ask him, he says he doesn't want to board a bus that will take him to Downtown Dallas, or California. Heck if all I had to do was board a bus to get to Dallas, getting to DFW Airport would be a heck of a lot easier! Instead, he'll leave for class 30 minutes early and walk. To that I say, no thanks. During the summer, I'll start walking to class again, but in freezing weather, I'll pass. I'll take 110 degrees over 10 degrees anyday.

Heck Yes, Lone Snowball outside Research Park lives on!!