Monday, February 8, 2010

Let the Games Begin

This week, I have two exams coming up. Next week, I have another exam in a core class - econ. I feel like no one gives those classes any cred. There are some classes out there that are the butt of student jokes. They're the red lights of a college degree plan. They stink, plain and simple. Despite the fact that it's somewhat of a slap in the face to those who teach the course or to others who major in that degree field, I always refer to my economics, math, science, et al. classes as core classes, and the types of classes I just have to "get out of the way". The phrase is all too common amongst undergraduates, but for good reason. An Information Technology major has no interest in the biology lab, yet I find myself there, as I require 3 classes worth of life science.

Don't get me wrong though, life science courses are just a piece of the Bachelor's Degree pie. You may call it the breading of the pie. Core classes such as math, science, english, and political science make up the crusty foundation of the degree plan. Every well rounded scholar must have his/her merits in liberal arts and sciences. Engineering courses such as programming in C++, Information Systems, Enterprise Architecture and Design, and Networks and Security Management make up the warm and delicious center of the pie, with the bulk of your interests taking place within this field. Then of course comes the delightful toppings. Then finally, the whipped cream on top, comes in the form of capstone classes, co-op opportunities, competitions, and more exciting things to spruce up that resume.

mm pie

Anyway, whichever degree path you choose *coughengineeringcough*, it should remind you of pie. That way, when your alarm goes off at 7 AM, and you are dreading going to that econ class all the way in Wooten Hall, just remember, pie. It's all worth it if it's for pie.