Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I love that

Exam week. Some love it, most hate it. It's different for everyone but let's just say, it all depends on how many days of class you skipped. If you attended every single class meeting, there's no reason to really worry about exam week. Most exams are cumulative anyway, and there's no way to do well on a test if you weren't even there for the material. Besides, if I'm going to study 24 hours for an exam, I'd spread that 24 hours over the course of the semester rather than cramming in a library or at home last minute. Granted homework and exams require plenty of time outside of class, I'd rather not spend my study time trying to catch up on what was covered in class.

I try not to miss class at all. Missing a class one day really messes up my whole day, or week even...because missing a lecture means I'm that far behind everyone else. The same goes for sleeping through a class. Yes we're all guilty of it, even me, the perfect IT student.... lol

I hate to make excuses, but that dang tryptophan really gets the best of people sometimes. Sleeping through class is worse than flat out missing a class though, because slumbering in front of a professor is simply rude, and sends the wrong kind of signal if you're trying to get an A. There are plenty of times in computer courses that you just want to give in to those 500 lb eye lids of yours. Those are the days you need to down a Monster or a few shots of espresso. I prefer the latter, as I'm a certified Barista, you know.

My ENGL 2700 exam consisted of evaluating and writing a recommendation on which types of brownies were the best. I will never reject taking an exam where brownies are involved. I welcome it. In fact, all exams should involve brownies... I love that

Anyway, I'm through with exams and projects finally! I hope everyone else out there is pleased with their progress this semester, and ready for another full load next month! If you're not in college yet, heed my advice, get ready for it and go!