Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dead Week Shmed Week

Who came up with the term Dead Week? It seems to be a fairly new phenomena by Google Trends standards. I don't think it's new. I heard the term all the time in high school. There also seems to be discussion around the web describing others' experiences with dead week.

In short, dead week is the week when projects are due, and many schools ask teachers not to administer tests and quizzes. It's not so bad if you're used to the work load involved. It's nothing more than a tough week of school say half way through the semester. Mid terms are a bit higher on the Richter scale than dead week in my opinion. I do have my fair share of work to do this week, don't get me wrong. The good news is, I'm through with exams by Tuesday!

All this work and nothing to show for it eh Brett? Ho ho ho (Merry Christmas?) just you wait. Next semester I'll have a shiny new web site to show off to all of you. But for now I can't share it, as it's a work in progress. The Jartech Team will deliver though, just you wait. Of course what I am referring to is a project that we are working on as part of my Information Systems class. As part of IT and the degree in general, I'm learning how web sites work, the infrastructure and the architecture involved in computer science and information systems, and in my team's case, how e-commerce web sites work. Once our work is complete, we will become the next thinkgeek! Please tell me you know what Thinkgeek is.