Thursday, March 31, 2011

Willis Library

Willis Library is a 4 story library where students can go to work in teams, on computers, print things, study, or quietly rot away in the basement while trying to memorize 3 chapters worth of material before an exam the very next day and you can't go back to your dorm or apartment because your roommate wants to party or there's a game going on your you just prefer the peaceful quietness of the basement:

The use of the facility is included in your tuition and fees paid to the school, so you should make use of it. It's also handy since you can print an infinite(?) amount of pages at this library. I used to have tests that were open book but not open laptop. I only had a PDF of the book at the time. Solution? Come to the Willis Library and print my book!

Alright so I do not condone printing off entire books in the library since that isn't really a "green" practice. In fact, I chose the PDF of the book specifically to avoid wasting paper, but I ended up having to waste a bunch of paper anyway.

At least it was only a chapter or 2 at a time of material. I still didn't waste the 800pgs that the book was.