Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanks for Giving... me a break

Right now, its 6:45 PM, and I just got out of my math class. Wednesday night, the night before Thanksgiving, I'm getting a private gig on the mean green express straight to my destination. Despite how I live a few blocks from the stop I'm getting off at, I couldn't resist the opportunity to take advantage of this. This town gets pretty quiet during beak time. To be fair, the whole campus is closed. It closed at noon today, but I still chose to go to math because the teacher offered extra credit. the bus driver told me I was his first passenger in 3 hours. He was a jolly fellow that laughed and talked with me on the way home. I don't normally take the mean green express but since the next North Texas bus came in 20 minutes and this bus was leaving instantly, I took it. The Mean Green Express, by the way, passes by my old dorm. It gave me quite the Nostalgia trip seeing my old dorm. I met my girlfriend and made all my friends out of this dorm. At first I was hesitant to live there but now that I look back on it, it was definitely worth the while. My roommate became my best friend and now still live with him in an apartment complex. People used to tell me that I shouldn't live in the dorms because it was just a bunch of partying and I would never be able to focus on my school work. Others told me it is all part of the college experience and highly recommended it. In my humble opinion, dorm life is worth trying out at least for a semester or 2 so that you can get to know the people on campus and make new friends.

This table is where I would sit and chat with other people that lived in Santa Fe.

Anyway, enough of the Nostalgia trip. The bus driver has dropped me off and I'm going home. See you next week. Enjoy your long weekend full of turkey and shopping(?)!!!!!!