Monday, May 10, 2010

Good Luck

"Luck favors the prepared mind." Whoever came up with that quote has obviously never taken final exams at UNT. I mean, to know when your exam is, where it is, what questions are going to be on it, and what grade you need to get on it to get an A in the class requires at least SOME luck... right?... right.?..

It's exam week. I took 2 exams last week as a matter of fact, and this week I have another 2 exams. The fun never stops at UNT! This summer I've got a couple of summer courses I'm taking as well. Summer courses operate in a flexible fashion. You can take a Summer I, Summer II, or Long Summer course. Summer I and the Long Summer courses start June 7, and registration is already ongoing. Summer II starts in mid July, I believe, after Summer I courses end..

I myself am signed up for 2 Long Summer session courses in Information Technology, with Mr. Keathly! Anyway good luck with exams!