Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hello World!

So this is what blogging feels like. I feel as though I've started writing a log in my diary, only it's on the web. I think I'll call it a web log, or blog for short. I'd like to know what the first blogger was thinking when he (or she!) made the first blog... I bet it was a sour journalist who once was an honest reporter, turned bitter by a newspaper or the MSM (mainstream media). Thereon said journalist decided to plot the demise of "journalism" as we know it, and created blogs.

All kidding aside, I'm excited to be writing for UNT’s College of Engineering! I'm writing this from my HTC hero, the culmination of engineering efforts through the past century. Okay okay, so the Hero isn't the only Smartphone out there, but let's be honest, it is the best ;). When you look at Alexander Graham Bell's first telephone and compare it to the phones of today and tomorrow, you'll see how far we've come. The first photograph was snapped in the 1800s, the first phone call was made in the 1870s, 1900 was the dawn of radio broadcast, the World War II era brought electronic computers, the internet was born around the 1960s, and cell phone networks took off in the 1970s.

So why the history lesson? Let's put this in perspective. Engineers over the past two centuries have proven to be the most robust and clever scientists in history. In fact, the terms "scientist" and "engineer" go hand in hand. Every single invention I mentioned just now was born out of the hands of capable engineers, and was the result of opportunities and creativity that people are capable of. America in particular is responsible for a large portion of these inventions!

Still not excited about engineering?? Let me ask you: what are you wearing? How are you reading this? What are you carrying with you? Who is Brett McCormick? All of those things have one thing in common: they all have roots in engineering. On a side note, this HTC has some god-like spell check. Yeah you thought I was kidding about writing this whole thing on my phone. Well I wasn't :P The fact that it knows I meant “Engineering” instead of “Engubrreumg” is pretty astounding. I won’t be writing any of my blog entries on my iPod Touch.