Saturday, February 13, 2010

And the Crowd Goes Wild

Here in Texas, we Don't get much snow. In fact, I think it snowed once last winter. When it does snow though, we go crazy. Not like the New Englanders and their 57 inches of snow this year, no. That kind of crazy is the kind where you're pulling hair out of your skull. Snow, in Texas, snow is like some sort of freaky foreign substance.Neither me nor those kids rolled that ball of awesomeness...
An Unknown Hero of sorts m
ust have

It was snowing all day long, but not very much of it stuck to the ground it seems. Plenty enough to make snow men and snow angels, but not enough to dig tunnels. I've always wanted to dig tunnels in snow... Actually I tried that once in New York, but we still didn't have enough snow. I ended up on my belly trying to throw snow out of a cave. I got really hot, and really tired. Snow is so misleading. One moment I'm freezing, and the next moment I've got sweat dripping, and I'm hotter than I've ever been in the summer...

Speaking of Snow, snow boarding is the hardest thing I've ever done... I tried snowboarding once in New York, and it felt like my legs were on fire. I took it as a sign as to how out of shape I am... It was so fun, but legs on fire and me losing my cell phone on the hill made it not fun. Whenever we stopped half way down, we noticed my phone was missing, but I decided to grab a snack before heading back to the slopes. I ate like a pig, I was so fatigued. For some insane reason I will never understand as to why I made it, I agreed with my brother to go back up to the top of the mountain to look for my phone... I'm not sure what was wrong with me to let me think I could have ever found my gray phone in the dark when I couldn't even remember what hill we came down.

In the end though, someone DID find my phone, and turned it into lost and found. I'll never get that lucky again in a million years!

Anyway, enjoy the 2 snow days, stay warm, and have a great 4 day weekend!